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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back to the top of the Luton Leaderboard with another final last night. Made one poor laydown later on when 5 handed but apart from that i was happy.
With regard to all the comments about the A8 hand i welcome the constructive criticism, but live poker isnt just the ABC of online play. Chris Eddleman is a very active player who i respect but, he is an at it merchant. Im pretty sure he was pot commited on the river as he had to take the blinds the very next hand, so thought i could eliminate him or at least split the pot.
Live and learn and thankyou for your careful insights.

Sadly, even 8 tabling 5c/10c i dont think i could make a living.

Cheers for the advice though, im off to Luton after the gym :)


Blogger Pokeking69 said...

Well done on getting final table again, what was the poor laydown?


1:32 PM  

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