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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rough week but im dealing with the ups and downs quite well nowadays. Sunday night @ Luton £100 rebuy and im chip leader with 10 left. Then this bitch of a cooler. Chips in play= 250k, i have 55k. Holding A8c i call a percieved button thief when blinds are 1k/2k. He raises to 6k on the button and i play the guy a fair bit. Flop comes AAK. I check, he checks. Turn comes a brick 3. On the turn i check, he bets 6k into a 15k pot. I call. River comes a 4. I check, he bets small, 8k. I go all-in??????? What a brain fart. He had pocket kings and suprisingly called :(
Shortly afterwards ran 66 into Paul Altermans QQ and no help came.

Cash games online have taken a slight downswing but im grinding out of it whilst watching Anchorman.

So Cardiff at the end of this week and i have a lot invested in this, basically i need a decent cash to keep morale up. Sadly, i think there are softer fields. BUT, the saving grace is M3Boy will probably win it and 15% of £120k is, well, a lot.

Happy Days and hopefully ill see a few blondies and bloggers in Wales.


Blogger snoopy1239 said...

I wouldn't necessary call this a 'bitch of a cooler' because you called a pre-flop raise with a pretty weak hand. Also, he could easily have A-9 to A-Q.

Good luck,


3:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, all in on the river is poor because he would never call with a worse hand. Just call.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Frankie Symonds said...

yeah i agree. this is the first time i have read ur blog and to me it seems like u need a bit more practice. try watching some poker on TV and see how the guys play the high stakes. Maybe you should try playing 2c/4c tables then 5c/10c tables until you get a bit better. Good luck, chin up. and remember - ur only as good as ur last hand.

5:47 PM  

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