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Friday, March 16, 2007

Well im halfway through March and the live poker experiment is starting to drag on a bit. I havent won a comp in a while although iv come close again twice when 1 pot away from a big stack. The cash games have been relatively profitable but, again, i have had some rough luck in a couple of £1-£1.5k pots which has dampened my spirits somewhat.
A few other niggles are the whole drive to + back from the casino, the fact i smoke when im there and (mainly) the abundance of crap talking monkeys who want to know why i made such and such a play at such at such a time...........
I think familiarity is building mild contempt so im having a night out with the missus tonight, doing a fair bit of shooting/boozing tomorrow before getting into it again with the £100 rebuy on Sunday eve.

Cash games on the net have been great value. I havent logged enough hours but im slowly building the roll up again. I can manage 7 tables with reasonable comfort and can abc 8 now.
Im sure im missing bets and plays however so id be interested in what others think regarding this. Is there an inflection point that is passed when multitabling?

A couple of other points of worth, live poker really does give you much more feel for where you are in a hand. Also, its remarkable how many players make no effort to disguise their hand with body language etc. If you are gonna play in a live cardroom, read Caro.

Iv recently purchased a ton of new books, namely The Prof, Banker + SK, Ultimate Guide to Poker Tells, Pokers Strangest Hands, The Science of poker, Poker Face and TJ's latest offering.
This should make the train journey to Cardiff more interesting because, although its way out of my roll and level of expertise, im going.
M3Boy and a couple of other blondites are journeying westward so ill be going down too, staying with Artist for a day or two before i win the whole caboosh and the (probable) £120 grand 1st prize, no deals :)

So wish me luck, because without it im history..........................


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