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Saturday, March 17, 2007

OK i havent got the hang of their tournament structure yet but cash games on Ipoker are proving VERY profitable. 8 tabling 1/2 NL is easy and (gradually) getting easier. I am constantly amazed by how easy players get all their money in drawing dead or very thin.
Most of my crying calls with overpairs on the river are profitable. Plus, with 8 tables going at once and a relatively loco image on them all you do find yourself wondering why you didnt switch to an 8-max site years ago.
At the moment current strategy involves raising to £8 preflop with all playable hands I LIKE. This 4*BB thing annoyed me at 1st but it does a lot of good. Firstly, most of the players think its a large opening bet, therefore if you get raised you know they have a strong hand from the off. Also, it builds the pot nicely to something worth fighting for. As im a flop/street player this works in my favour.
Im raising with any pp, any suited connectors 45 and above, any 2 connecting broadway cards plus the cecent unconnected ones. Hands im limping in with are few and far between but A10 seems (from pokertracker) to be a shit of a hand for me.

So, im off to coach a few kids in the art of clay pidgeon shooting today. After its a toss up between gettign sloshed in a country pub or coming home and earning a grand, let me see....................


Blogger Amatay said...

wat site is this?? ipoker???

8:36 PM  

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